Best Tax Software

Best Tax Software
• H&R Block- This is a great app for people that are looking for a lot of support while going through their taxes. When completing your taxes questions come up and it is always nice to have someone to bounce your questions off of. It is even more beneficial when you know the person providing the answers knows their tax knowledge. Check them out at

• TaxAct – This is recommended for people that are looking to be budget conscious when purchasing tax software. With certain income qualifications you are able to use this program for free. They also offer multiple versions depending on your specific situation. Check more info out at

• TurboTax – For people that are looking for easy to use software TurboTax is the best option. If you are doing taxes on your own using software that has a built in wizard to guide you through the process is always beneficial. The software does a great job of asking you simple to understand questions that allow you to provide an answer that you are confident in and then move onto the next section. Check them out at

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