5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Financial Stress

If you are like most people, the Holidays will cause more financials stress than any other time of year. Figuring out how to afford gifts, decor, parties and food can be overwhelming and rob you of the joy and purpose behind the traditions. How can you enjoy the holidays and avoid breaking the bank? Here are five ways.

1.) Make a List, Check it Twice
“One tip I have for surviving the holiday season is to pare down your list of gift recipients,” says Sharon Marchisello, author of “Live Cheaply, Be Happy, Grow Wealthy.” Consider getting gifts for your closest family and children, while opting for a party with friends or a gift exchange with co-workers, if your budget allows it.

2.) Get creative!
Gifts don’t always have to cost money. Can you give your time and talents instead? Offer to babysit, bake cookies from scratch, mow the lawn or clean the home of a friend or family member that struggles with mobility. Or, why not plan an adventure day with a loved one and play tourist in your hometown? We forget that time is our most precious commodity. Your loved ones will appreciate you spending it on them.

3.) Make Extra Money on the Side
Can you take advantage of the sharing community by signing up with Lyft, Uber, or Air Bnb? Why not sell items you no longer need on eBay? Get inspired by 65 more creative ideas on how to make extra money here.

4.) Don’t Shop Under Pressure
Commercial stores take advantage of the fact that most people are under a lot of stress during the holidays by creating a frenzy, blasting loud music merchandising their products in the most eye-catching (and sometimes overwhelming) ways. Don’t leave the house without your list and stick to it!

5.) Focus on What You DO Have
Sometimes, you can’t change your circumstances, but you CAN change your attitude. Thinking of everything you are grateful for will shift your focus. Helping others that are less fortunate is another great way to take the stress off and will give you a more positive perspective on what really matters.

Need Extra Cash for the Holidays?
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