Budgeting for Holiday Spending

Setting a budget – Make a list of the individuals you want to purchase gifts for and set a budget for each one. Add up the total for all individuals and make sure that spending can happen along with your other bills. If you have overspent reduce the amount for each individual. While shopping make sure to stay within that budget and not exceed. The old saying of “it’s the thought that counts” needs to be kept in mind during the holidays as well. Don’t put yourself in debt over trying to show someone you love them.• Use cash while spending – Take out enough cash to cover the budgeted amount for each person. Once the cash is spent you are no longer able to spend more or go over the pre-budgeted amount.

Just buy one gift – Just purchase one gift for the individuals on your list. Once you find that special gift for each individual that is within the budget there is no need to keep shopping.

Secret Santa is your friend – Instead of needing to purchase one gift for every co-worker or friends at a large counting you can arrange a secret Santa. When going the secret Santa route everyone receives a gift but each person is only in need of making one purchase!

Planning NOW

Cut back – Start cutting back NOW. You can focus on cutting expenses over the next few weeks so it can be easier to purchase gifts without the financial stress.

Side money – Pick up extra shifts if possible or find additional jobs you can do in order to earn extra money.
Start shopping – You can begin looking for good deals now and slowly purchase the needed gifts. Purchasing gifts over the next few weeks will help balance the extra expense.

True Meaning

Remember the true meaning of this holiday season. Don’t allow gifts to stress you out. Spending some extra time with family and friends is a gift that is priceless! Baking or cooking a meal is also a gift that costs very little and means so much. Focus on enjoying this holiday season and focus on the gift of your presence instead of presents.

Are you in need of financial assistance?

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