The True Cost Of Your Degree

University vs. Community College

• Prerequisites – Attending community college allows you a much more affordable option when starting the journey. You are able to get most, if not all, of your prerequisites completed. Once these courses are completed you are able to transfer to a university. A lot of community colleges and universities partner up and make the transfer as painless as possible.

• Online Classes – A lot of community colleges offer online options. With online options you are able to save on gas, books and time. The flexibility that these classes offer open up the possibility to work part time and earn money while still gaining an education. Online classes also still allow you to connect during group sessions/online boards along with offering top notch teachers so you aren’t missing out on that experience.

• Average cost – The current average cost per year for a university is roughly $30,000 while the average cost per year for a community college is roughly $3,000. To attend four years at a university you are looking at about $120,000 but when attending community college for the first two years you drastically reduce this cost to about $66,000.

Additional Money Saving Tips

• Aid and scholarships – Apply for any financial aid opportunities as every penny helps. There are millions of different scholarship options so do your homework to figure out which ones work best for you and apply… apply… apply!

• Textbooks – Many textbooks offer online versions as well as used for a significantly reduced cost. There are also many sites that allow you to sell your used text books back so
keep them in nice shape to get the most return.


Always remember, college is a once in a lifetime experience! These years will be treasured for the rest of your life. During this time of your life you can also enjoy internships, clubs and sports, unique job opportunities and leaderships roles. All these activities and life experiences go beyond what is learned inside the classroom, they can shape and define you as an individual that betters the world as a whole.

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